Progeny – Reviews of Anita Bihovsky’s Novel

Reviews of Progeny

“Vivid, well-paced writing and build-up of tension which make this very topical novel a page-turner.”
Angela Neustatter, Author & Journalist


“I loved the twists and turns in this compelling mystery so well written and paced that I had to read it all in one weekend. It’s filled with realistic characters who come alive and to whom I really got attached. There’s an absorbing medical mystery and family archeological quest plus enticing romantic interludes. What’s not to like? When’s the sequel coming out?!”
Marta Fuchs, MLS, MFT, author of Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter’s Tribute


“21 Stars to this novel, tremendously riveting from first page to left, utterly unstoppable with tension, mystery, suspense, passion, friendship, and romance; plus fanaticism and emotional pain, fear and hatred, and self-righteousness to the max. Unforgettable.”
Mallory Heart Reviews


“A highly enjoyable mystery with well drawn characters and a tight plot line.”
Cayacosta72 Book Reviews


“Finish Time: 3 nights. Talk about a page-turner. I was up late 3 nights to finish this book! It tackles a very current topic – In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), and even takes it a step further. It makes you think – what if you found out you weren’t who you’ve always thought (been told) you were? Would it matter? Does it change anything? Would you seek out your genetic connection?

“Selene Mannon has to answer all of those questions. I go back and forth on whether I agree with her choices, but either way it is all explained and she is a great main character. The book begins with her mother on her death-bed admitting that Selene was conceived through IVF with a donor egg. Now with both her mother and father gone, she moves to New York City with her aunt and uncle and begins the search to find her genetic mother.

“With the help of her aunt Lila, a pediatrician Deandra, and a private investigator, Max, Selene begins to not only investigate her background, but a string of children with missing records, common ailments, and one doctor in common. The book explores many different relationships, many people who were forced to conceal the truth, or chose to for various reasons. And a really unbelievable scheme in the end. I’ll say it again, un-be-lieve-able as I struggle with wrapping my head around it, or even doing a Google search about it. It’s a bit disturbing too but the build up is so good, thus my good rating.

“It’s a fictional book, obviously based on something that could happen (at least the beginning part of it), so we’ll leave it at that. As I mentioned before, a page-turner of the true definition. A fast read with vibrant characters, glad I had the chance to preview! Let me know if you want to discuss if you read it!”
My Dog-Eared Purpose


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

“Progeny is Anita Bihovsky’s first book. And let me just say, WOW!!! This book was something and a half to say the least. For someone like me who dealt with paternity issues, I’m glad in the end that mine weren’t anything like this book’s issues.

“I highly want to recommend this book. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. You know something big has taken place. But you won’t truly know what that something is until the very end. And then you are like WHAT! You never expect what is coming at all.
“I promise you, if you want an edge of your seat mystery. This is the one for you. You seriously will be glad you read it!”
The Little Reading Cabin


5.0 out of 5 stars

Fantastic yet scary read.

“This is quite a difficult subject to read about due to it’s content. I cannot really say why though without revealing a major storyline!

“I did however, really enjoy “Progeny”. It’s a novel idea, which is very scary as it’s something that could easily occur in reality, though I sincerely hope not….

“This was a riveting read and I have recommended it to friends that enjoy the same books as myself.

“I look forward to reading many more books by Anita Bihovsky.”
Beathag (Amazon UK)


5.0 out of 5 stars

“Wonderful first novel, expertly written.

“When an online friend of mine who also is an avid book worm [Sophie Harris] read this book and rated it, I knew it was something that I could get my teeth into. I wasn’t wrong.

“When I read that this is Anita Bihovsky’s FIRST book, I was what? WHAT!, surely not, she is an expert writer, expert author, expert story teller. I would certainly not have thought this was her first written work.

“To use the old reviewers Cliché….it was a page turner, I couldn’t put it down, it kept me up reading all night….it was all of those Clichés and MORE.

“If you don’t read anything else this year…….read this one.”

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